Official Danish Green Card Entry Program

Do It Your Self Danish Green Card Program Kit

If you think you are eligible for a Danish Green Card and would like to apply for the Danish Green Card on your own, use our Do-It-Yourself Kit to increase your chances of success. It contains all information you require to apply for your Danish Green Card along with the application form, details of fees, full processing guide and documentation checklist. This is the product for those (rather than using a consultant’s services) who want to apply for a Danish Green Card themselves but who require a step-by-step guide to ensure all is being done correctly.

The Danish Green Card Do-It-Yourself Kit contains:

  • Complete Points Guide
  • Education and Occupations on the Positive List
  • Complete Documentation Checklist containing documents to be submitted and attestation details
  • Complete Application Forms
  • Details on Government Fees
  • Processing Chart
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Instructions Guide
  • Availability: Immediate

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Cost: $299.00
Terms: You will be able to download the Do-It-Yourselt Kit immediately after you make your payment in the members area. Service is deemed to be received as soon as your payment is made wherafter you will have access to download the Do-It-Yourself Kit and guidelines in the members area. There will be no refund after purchase.